"For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes" Romans 1:16

Genesis : In the Beginning

Revelation: "I saw heaven open"


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The woman and the dragon
Ben Thorndike, 16/02/2020
Creation spoilt - the snake, the sin and the sentence (All Age Service)
Mark Ashworth, 16/02/2020
Creation spoilt - the snake, the sin and the sentence
David Buck, 16/02/2020
Question and Answer Session - Gender, Sexuality, Marriage
Adam Thrift/Steve Rees, 09/02/2020
Creation and my body - male, female and transgender
Adam Thrift, 09/02/2020
Creation order...marriage and sexuality (6.30pm service)
Steve Rees, 02/02/2020
Creation order...marriage and sexuality
Steve Rees, 02/02/2020
The seven trumpets
Mark Ashworth, 26/01/2020
Created male and female
Tim Hiorns, 26/01/2020
The seven seals
Tim Hiorns, 19/01/2020
Created and rule (All Age Service)
Adam Thrift, 19/01/2020
Created for... rule and relationship
Ben Thorndike, 19/01/2020
The lamb and the scroll
Tim Hiorns, 12/01/2020
In the beginning
Steve Rees, 12/01/2020
For I am not ashamed of the Gospel...
Steve Rees, 05/01/2020
King of kings (All Age combined service)
Steve Rees, 29/12/2019
Joy to the world (All Age Christmas Day)
Steve Rees, 25/12/2019
Joy to the world (9am Christmas Day)
Rob Dillingham, 25/12/2019
Midnight Communion
Tim Hiorns, 24/12/2019
While shepherds watched (Christingle Service)
Adam Thrift, 24/12/2019

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