ReadingAS book centre

The Book Centre and Library – next to each other in the Coffee Room – are open whenever the church is open.

The Book Centre contains a wide variety of Christian books: Bibles and Bible commentaries, explanations of the story and structure of the Bible, biographies, books explaining Christian teaching and children’s books. Notices explain how to pay for books, and how to order them. Selected books are displayed on the 'new' bookshelves; where possible, these are chosen for their relevance to the theme(s) of current sermons. All enquiries to the Book Centre Managers, David & Elizabeth Buck (01892 664745) or

The Library provides the opportunity for regular Christian reading without continual expense and to ‘try out’ books. Guidance on how to use the library is available and there is a classified (card) catalogue with an author index. There are books for every need, from light but inspirational reading to serious study. A selection of reference books – including Bible dictionaries, concordances and commentaries – may be used only on the premises. To access the online catalogue click here. Enquiries to Sarah Etheridge at

Bible Reading Notes are available on subscription; please contact Christine Holcombe (654817). Christine also deals with greeting cards, displayed on two mobile stands.